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TOC is available for a turnkey project from design to paper making finally, we can design, manufacture and control, and provide supervision services for erection , commissioning and Start-up of the paper machine. .    

the equipment and control including stock preparation system, paper machine , steam & condensate system, frequency drive system, DCS , QCS,rewind system, etc.


Core board paper machine and special paper machine


Features of single Fourdrinier paper machine

1. The interlayer bonding is high, and it is easier to ensure the interlayer bonding force with only one forming

2, a net is formed, no need to spray starch between layers, saving a lot of starch

3. Low energy consumption, changing the stacked network to a growing network, reducing energy consumption by more than 50% and lowering steam consumption

4. Raw materials for production: waste paper and pulp residue, sludge can be used as raw materials to help solve environmental problems

5. The operation is simple, the lateral quantitative difference is unattended through the dilution water system, and it is automatically controlled

6. ​​Temperature curve design and special steam condensate system to meet the effective gelatinization requirements of starch

7. Special QCS, high ash content, large quantity, high tightness

8. Improved octopus headbox, patented, meets large quantitative, high ash content, high concentration, wide quantitative use

9. There is only one line for the streaming system and the network, saving investment

10. Single-net copying is simple and the quality is relatively stable

11. Low water consumption and low steam consumption

12. The electricity consumption per ton of paper can be reduced by more than 20% compared to the stacked mesh

13. The consumption of blankets and nets is reduced, a net,

14, all chemical raw materials are lower than the cylinder screen and overlap screen paper machine consumption

15. The amount of sludge added exceeds 20%, keep high

16. All processed pulp residues are used in papermaking

17. Unique technology, process and equipment

18. Guarantee product debugging and quality

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