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TOC is available for a turnkey project from design to paper making finally, we can design, manufacture and control, and provide supervision services for erection , commissioning and Start-up of the paper machine. .    

the equipment and control including stock preparation system, paper machine , steam & condensate system, frequency drive system, DCS , QCS,rewind system, etc.


Coreboard paper machine (Filter paper machine) (Coating paper machine)

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Machine for Making Discount Coreboard paper price china
Machine for making Coating paper
Feature description
1. The preheating roller of the Buy Coreboard paper Manufacturers china conforms to the national standard of Class I pressure vessel, and is accompanied by the pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate.
2. The surface of each roller is finely ground and plated with hard chrome after precision grinding. The surface friction is small and durable.
3. The wrapping angle can be adjusted electrically, and the wrapping angle can be rotated within the specified range to adjust the heating area of ​​the paper.
4. The double-stage reducer is used to adjust the wrap angle.
5. The preheating roller adopts butterfly head design and is heated by steam.
Purpose/Field of Application
The Machine for Making Discount Coreboard paper price china and the Machine for making Coating paper are the equipments of the corrugated box production line. The forming quality of the core board paper has a great relationship with the correct use and maintenance of the machine.
MIANYANG TOC has a complete production process and rich production experience for various paper packaging machinery such as the Machine for Making Coreboard paper. The equipment it produces can help customers reduce costs, save resources and improve work efficiency, and has outstanding performance in the field of domestic intelligent machinery and equipment.
MIANYANG TOC has a complete range of equipment, stable performance, beautiful appearance and long service life. MIANYANG TOC Buy Coreboard paper Manufacturers china has fine surface treatment and good product quality and performance. With its advanced technology foundation, excellent product performance and timely after-sales service, it has been recognized by customers and peers.

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